Garden Express (Plant Swap)

 Mini Garden Express: Saturday 5/18, 9:30am-12pm


 Garden Express Event is based on community-donated plants. Outdoor plants should be brought in BARE ROOT (no soil) only, with labels attached (information below). 

Drop your bare-root plants off beginning at 9:30 on Saturday, May 18. Stay to shop or “swap” until 12pm, or earlier if it’s all gone before then!


For 2024, we’ll have a Donation Jug if you’d like to help support the library.

The Garden Express event benefits the whole community: Successful donor-gardeners can sustainably share their excess, swappers get hardy, locally grown plants. And together, we support our local library.

Bare Root Transplants

By bringing your plants in “bare root,” you are helping prevent the spread of pests, diseases and invasives, such as the Asian Jumping Worm. Read about this invasive species here.

Protect yourself and protect your community.

How to prep your plants:

  • Water thoroughly before digging.
  • Swish roots in clean water until soil is gone.
  • Wrap roots loosely in newspaper or a paper towel.
  • Tuck plant into an open baggie (ziplocs in a quart or gallon size work well).
  • Moisten to keep roots damp. Keep in a shaded area, adding a little water as
  • Label. Our paper labels can easily be stapled at the top of the baggie.